About The Hobart Gang Show

The idea of Gang Show came from Ralph Reader M.B.E who had success on Broadway at just 21. Success at home in England as the leading man to glamorous leading ladies, Anna Neagle and Frances Day amoung them, and as a producer of the long, even historic, runs at Drury Lane and the London Hippodrome. A distinguished war record and the unrivalled creator of Gang Show - We owe it all to this one man.

A trickle of twenty Holborn Robers in a one night stand at the London Central Y.M.C.A tutned into a hitherto unheard of success, storming the citadel of the London Palladium and being honoured by a Royal Command Performance. It is a story of faith, enthusiasm, and loyalty which spread across the world, conquring radio, television, gramophone recordings and a feature film. It put a new word into scouting and that word was the GANG it revoulutionised Scout entertainment.

20th October 1932 was the start of what has become a fixture in the scout and Guide calendars around the world the GANG SHOW.

The Hobart Gangs first show was in 1957 and continued up and till 1969 when the show went into recess until it was revived in 1991 since then it has been performed by the scouts and guides of Hobart every year, including a variety of classic and new material.

As one of the states premiere youth variety shows it is well supported by the community, attracting good houses where ever it is performed.

The Hobart Gang have performed over the years on tour through out the state.

The Gang is a wonderful opportunity for youth to learn and make new friends.

As well as performing on stage youth also form the orchestra for the show as well as assisting in the backstage aspects of the production such as Stage Crew, Scenery Building and Painting, Lighting and Sound

Dick Wittington USA 1960

extracts taken from various Hobart Gang Show programmes.


This website was created as a service for Hobart Gang Show members past and present

it also intended to act as an archive for future generations and to keep the memories alive!